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Configuration of Telugu ‘Gautami’ font on you Windows XP PC

Step: 1 Enabling Indic support:

See this Link

(You need windows XP CD for this configuration and follow the steps in above link.)

Step A :

Enable Indic Functionality in the OS

  • Go to Start menu -> Control Panel -> Regional Language Options.
  • Click on Regional and Language Options.
  • Click on the Languages tab as shown below.
  • Under the heading 'Supplemental language support' check the item 'Install files for Complex Script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)'.
  • Allow the OS to install necessary files from WindowsXP disc
  • Reboot

Step B :

  • What to Select as User Locale, Location and System Locale?
  • Click on the 'Regional Options' tab to set User Locale and Location.
  • Under the heading 'Standards and format' select Hindi or any other language as your User
  • Locale from the drop-down box. This selection will determine settings for numbers, currencies, times and dates as well as sorting rules for the language.
  • Under the heading 'Location', select a country where you are physically located such as India.


Step: 2

Setting-up the Indian Language Keyboards or Input Locales

Go to the Link

  • Click on “Get it now” under Telugu IME (Telugu IME 1 version 5.0 ) and enter any hotmail email account user name and password
  • Download “Telugu IME” and install it
  • Restart your PC.

Go to [Leave the Default input Language as ‘English (United states)-US or whichever is in the default.]


Select Telugu & Click “Telugu” and “ADD” button


The Installed IME is selected Click OK.

Click on “Key Settings”


Select “Switch to Telugu – Telugu Indic IME 1[V 5.0]” click “Change Key Sequence”



                                                            Click OK.

(Now whenever you want to type in Telugu all you have to do is open a Word

Document & click ‘left ALT key + SHIFT key’ and the Telugu Phonetical key board is enabled)

Step: 3

  • I guess you are going to see “Language Bar” on your desktop. Change language to “TE (Telugu)” and also select “Telugu Indic IME 1”

For More info go to