How to install WordPress on 000webhost free hosting without cPanel

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. Nowadays, People are moving to WordPress due to its user friendliness, advanced themes, plugins and options for customization. The problem associated with WordPress is that it needs a web hosting account. However, opening a hosting account is a costly investment for new bloggers. There are free WordPress hosting services like 000webhost, that lets you to install WordPress on any domain. What you need is a 9 $ domain, and the rest is free. There is no advertising and you have complete control over your space. So if you are in Blogger and planning to move to WordPress, you can take a look at 000webhost. Here we will explain how to install WordPress on 000webhost free hosting.

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These days, script installations are just a few simple steps away in good web hosts. We have already covered a method to install WordPress using Cpanel. You may use that if your host support Cpanel.

WordPress installation is little bit difficult as far as 000webhost and other free webhosting services are concerned .

Here we have to upload WordPress installation files manually to the root directory public_HTML.

After registration, we need to point nameservers of required domain  to 000webhost servers.
For this click on create new > Enter domain name and password >Set up new account.
In the next page, they will show up nameservers, note up that and change it your domain control panel.

Wait 12 hours for complete transfer of domain to 000webhost account.

Now we are going to install WordPress on 000webhost account.

Download latest version of WordPress.

  1. Extract the files to desktop and rename the file wp_config.php. to wp-config.php This file is WordPress configuration file where we keep important informations like MySQL database user name and password.
  2. Now create a New MySQL database for WordPress.
  3. Open up 000webhost control panel and select MySQL.
    Now enter MySQL database name, MySQL user name,password for MySQL user. Furthermore, note the MySQL host address (It will be something like
  4. Download any free HTML editor (Notepad also works) and open wp-config.php

Now under MySQL settings,

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘enter full database name’);

/** MySQL database username */define(‘DB_USER’, ‘enter the full database user name’);

/** MySQL database password */define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘enter the full database password’);

/** MySQL hostname */define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘enter full database host name’);

Now move down to these strings:

define (‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘ Enter key1 ‘);  define(‘SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ‘ Enter key 2′); define(‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, ‘Enter key 3′); define(‘NONCE_KEY’, ‘Enter key 4′);

These keys are intended for providing security to WordPress installation. So make sure to use different characters in each line and should contain letters and numbers.

4. Save  wp-config.php (WordPress configuration) file to the WordPress folder.

5. Now use our tutorial to upload WordPress via FTP to the public_html folder.

6. Now we can start WordPress installation to the directory where the files are uploaded.

Open up your browser and type http://www.yourdomain/wp-admin/install.php and hit enter. If everything went fine, the following screen will appear.

1189-Install Wordpress in 000webhost

Enter Blog title and correct email address and start WordPress installation.
It will finish up in a second, and a new window appears with admin as your  user name and a randomly generated password.
Keep that password secure. You will be able to change it when logging into WordPress dashboard.

Now we have successfully installed WordPress on 000webhost free hosting  service. Enjoy blogging !!

Update : 000webhost is the best example of scam and the internet cheat. Search in Google, you will find incidents faced of many people who got cheated by them. They delete accounts without warning and notifications even though you are not violating their terms. So I advise you to go for any professional web hosting companies like Hostgator or Dreamhost. Don’t worry if you don’t have around 100$ to spend for hosting. The Dreamhost promo codes let you to enjoy their web hosting for half price, without any limitation for the first year.

Free WordPress hosting services

WordPress is probably the best blogging software in the world. There are thousands of reasons for people choosing WordPress as their favorite blogging platform. Some of them are its customization options with themes, plugins, and its search engine friendliness. I think you know about allowing free/ad supported hosting of our domain.

However, there we cannot use our own advertisements, install custom themes, plugins, etc. So if you want to take the full control of what appear in your blog, then purchasing your own online web space is recommended.

There are commercial web hosting services that charge from 2$ per month for unlimited WordPress hosting. Another option is to start with a free web hosting service and later move on to dedicated hosting. Here in this article we discuss few popular free WordPress webhosting services that allow WordPress and php hosting.253-free-wordpress-web-hosting

WordPress blogging software requires a PHP enabled web server. The free services listed  below comes with the basic requirements to host a WordPress blog.

Some of them have cPanel installed and others not. It’s very easy to install WordPress on Cpanel supported web hosts with Fantastico.  Others should follow the manual WordPress installation process.

Free WordPress hosting services :

Free PHP web hosting from 000WebHost ( Update: Beware ): Best  and most popular among free WordPress and PHP web hosting services. They offer completely ad free custom domain hosting services.


000WebHost Features :
Fantastico auto installer :

It installs WordPress,  b2evolution, Support Logic Helpdesk, phpBB2, SMF, OS Commerce, ViPER Guestbook, Coppermine Photo Gallery, PhpWiki, PHPauction, WebCalendar on one click  ( auto installer is currently under maintenance ).

Update: I have been watching this for a while. Their auto-installer is always under maintenance, and I believe that it’s a trick to fool new users. You will need to upgrade to a better plan to get Fantastico and other control panel options. However, you can install WordPress using the manual installation methods.

  • 1.5 GB hosting space and  100GB data transfer.
  • Advanced control panel.
  • FTP support.
  • MySQL data bases.
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Backup services.

Free PHP web hosting  from ZYMIC: Zymic is another free PHP hosting services that allow WordPress installation.


Zymic PHP hosting Features:

  • They provide 5 GB hosting space and up-to 50GB data transfer .
  • PHP (latest version ) , MySQL database and PHPmyadmin support .
  • Control panel
  • Unlimited domains
  • FTP access.
  • No advertisements
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Statics and support .
  • Fantastico auto installer for WordPress and other scripts is not available.

In each case you need a domain name, and the Name Servers of the domain pointed to 000webhost or Zymic web servers.

It is not recommended to host a professional WordPress blog on free web hosting services. The resources are being shared between  thousands of free hosting accounts. Therefore, it would make the website slow and lead to unavailability at several times. Sometimes the providers will cancel the hosting account that  consumes large system resources.

Update: 000webhost is the real scam web hosting company. They delete websites without any warning. Their affiliate program is the best example of scam on the internet.  I have been a part of their affiliate network and referred many users to their site. They but canceled my account after requesting for a payout. Search ” 000webhost scam” in Google for more details.

So I advise you to host your website in any of the reliable webhosting providers like Dreamhost and Hostgator. They offer promo codes  and discount coupons for the first time customers so that you can start with WordPress hosting at small investment. Reliable web hosting is recommended  if your website and files are anything important to you. Alternatively, register a domain and use with the  free custom domain feature Google Blogger.

15 best services offered by Google

Who knew that this miss-spelled area will aphorism the apple of internet? The website that was started with the aim to accumulate all advice in one abode after became the best able website of the world. Currently, google is alms dozens of paid and contributed casework and articles to its end-users.


According to a joke, google is the best beheld website in the apple because abounding bodies aloof use it to analysis whether their internet is alive or not but it is a actuality that alone google look receives about 1 billion look queries daily.

This column is committed to google and some of the top casework and articles offered by google.

15 best services offered by google

1. Google Search:

Launched in 1996

In the world of search, google is without any doubt beating all its opponents since many years. Google offers its services not only on its international domain i.e but also on regional level domains.

2. Gmail:

Launched in 2004

Only gmail was able to beat/break the monopoly of yahoo and hotmail’s email service. Gmail offers dozens of free and intelligent services and is very much easy-to-use for even a layman.

3.Google Toolbar:

Launched in 2000

Although google has launched its browser named chrome but if you are familiar with internet explorer you can still sense the smell of google in it, yes, google toolbar will never let you to forget google and its excellent products and services. Google toolbar is an excellent tool to create your own buttons on the browser, in addition it also has a search box and a popup blocker.

4. Blogger:

Bought by Google in 2003

Another popular service offered by google that has a vast amount of some newest features. Blogger is one of the most easiest and popular blogging sites.

5. Google Alerts:

Launched in 2005

If you want to be notified of your search terms by email than google Alerts is the best service for you where you can enter your search terms along with preferences and you will be notified through email on daily/weekly basis.

6. Google Chrome:

Launched in 2008

We can say Google Chrome is the leading internet browser which has easily beaten mozilla firefox and internet explorer.

7.Google +:

Launched in 2011

People started thinking whether facebook can be beaten by any other social network or not? But now this question is answerable because this different, unique and professional looking site has grabbed a large share of visitors and rapidly growing.

8.  Picasa:

Bought by google in 2004

An excellent application to organize and edit your photos. In addition you will be able to add some basic effects too.


Bought by google in 2005

It was another bold step by google to introduce an operating system in the market where various versions of windows were already gripped tightly. Android is an operating system, yes, its an operating system by google for smart phones and tablet PCs.

10. Adsense:

Launched in 2003

For this service, I surely can say that “They came, they saw and they conquered”. Today Google adsense is the most reliable online advertising service that has won the hearts of hundred thousands web publishers.

11. Adwords:

Launched in 2000

Do you want to rise on internet? Try google adwords that will spread your ads to thousands of the websites online that will surely results in a fruitful turnout.

12.Google Docs:

Launched in 2010

An excellent platform to store your documents, PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets online along with some excellent features. It allows you to store up to 10 GB of your data online. Google Docs will soon be replaced with Google Drive that has cloud storage and many newest features.

13. Youtube:

Bought by google in 2006

The largest video sharing website on internet which offers free space to its users to upload their videos. Originally Youtube was launched and maintained by a group of three friends but was bought by Google in November 2006.

14.Google Maps:

Launched in 2005

Did you ever imagine that you’d be able to view a live preview of the locations you wanna drive? Google maps made it possible for you where you can search for streets and driving directions for majority countries of the world.

15. Google Bookmarks:

Launched in 2005

An excellent service to store your bookmarks online so you can access them anywhere. This service is available for everyone who has google account.

Now you can explore the moon, the mars, stars and the galaxies. The services names Google Moon, Google Mars and Google Sky are the products through which you can view the world outside of our world. What else you need?

Teracom Android Tablet – Lofty Tab TZ100

Teracom Android Tablet, Lofty Tab TZ100 is Priced at 10,999 INR With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS.


Lofty Tab TZ100 Features are

Network – EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ, WCDMA: 850/900/1800/2100 MHZ, HSDPA Data Speed up to 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA Data Speed up to 5.76 Mbps
Processor – 1 GHz Cortex A9 Processor
Display – 7”LCD Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen With Excellent Resolution: 1024x600
Operating system – Android 4.0(Ice-Cream Sandwich)
Camera – Rear: 3 MP, Front: 0.3MP for Video call
Multimedia – RM/RMVB, MPEG, MKV, AVI, FLV, VP8, up to 1080P Support
Battery – 4200 mAh
Memory – RAM : 512 MB DDR3, Internal : 4 GB, External : Upto 32 GB
Connectivity – Bluetooth Technology v2.1, USB 2.0, HDMI Port for HD TV
Sensor – GPS, Digital Compass, 3D Gravity sensor


From Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 : Chronological Evolution !

Have you anytime wondered that how Windows acquired to such a beauty?
How was windows back it was aboriginal alien and how it all improved? The Windows 7, Latest masterpiece by Microsoft offers a affluent acquaintance to users with its eye-candy animations and solid programming.

To accept a aiguilles at the change of Windows with time, apprehend more.

Windows 1.0
Windows 1.0 was alien in November 1985. It was a huge advance at that time as it offered a Graphical User Interface (GUI) instead of black command screens acclimated by antecedent operating systems.
Windows 1.0 did not acquiesce overlapping of altered windows as it was a affection acclimated and copyrighted by Mac operating system. So instead of that window 1.0 acclimated tiled arrangement for the adjustment of windows.



Windows 2.0
Windows 2.0 was alien in November 1987. It offered a cogent advance over Windows 1.0. It alien several appearance like overlapping of Windows, new Keyboard shortcuts and bigger GUI. It additionally featured abounding new applications.

After some time windows 2.1 was alien which could multi-task several applications and had bigger anamnesis administration schemes. Visually it was identical to windows 2.0.

image image

Windows 3.0 & 3.1
Windows 3.0 and 3.1 brought a advance in claimed computer industry. They were broadly adopted by several pc manufacturers. Apple’s Mac OS about was alone accustomed to be installed on Apple computers.
Windows 3.0 brought abounding new appearance into the windows realm. It accurate bigger multi-tasking and it had admission to added anamnesis modules than any added antecedent versions. As best of the coding was done in accumulation language, This Windows was faster and added reliable.

image image image

Microsoft Bob

Microsoft bob was a GUI experiment by Microsoft that was innovative but it failed. It presented a cartoon view of an office, where users can access their programs easily. Microsoft Bob is usually mentioned as one of the worst products Microsoft created


Windows 95

Windows 95 was the base of the future Windows versions introduced. Windows 95 was more stable and reliable as compared to previous versions of Windows. It supported 32-bit applications.

Windows 95 became a highly successful and acclaimed OS.



Windows NT versions

First windows NT version was released on July, 1993 and after came a series on NT labeled Windows Versions. NT 3.0, 3.5, 3.51, 4.0 are prominent in those versions. NT stands for “New Technology”, which means NT was a full windows version that was an upgrade from 8/16 bit windows to 32 bit windows.




Windows 98

Microsoft introduced Windows 98 in year 1998. It had several stability and memory fixes over windows 95.

This OS was very widely opted by PC manufacturers in the World.


Windows ME

Shortly after windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition was launched. It didn't performed very well in the market because it had several stability flaws. It is known in technological circles as “Windows Mistake Edition”.


Windows 2000

Windows 2000 was one of the operating system offered by Microsoft which was built on NT platform. This OS was widely installed on many Servers of the World. Overall it was a success.


Windows XP

Windows XP is regarded as the most successful creation by Microsoft Corporation. Windows XP has entirely revamped User Interface with several new features and stability fixes. XP was most stable operating system as it did not crash when one of the applications malfunctioned. Windows XP was widely installed and people upgraded from previous versions of Windows to XP.


Windows Vista

Windows Vista was released worldwide on January 27, 2007. Windows Vista featured advanced GUI and security features. The Animations and Alpha shading effects of Windows Vista came at a shear expense of system resources.

Huge system resources were required to run Vista smoothly. Minimum RAM requirement was 2 GB. These problems hindered wide adoption of Vista by masses. So Vista is not regarded as a successful operating system compared to previous versions of Windows.


Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 was released to worldwide OEM’s on July 22, 2009 and to users on October 21, 2009. Windows 7 promised to offer fast and rich user experience. The system requirements for Windows 7 were reduced and it was made lighter and more agile. It had the largest pre-order in the history, performing many times better than Vista in the first week of sales.

Windows 7 has entirely revamped UI and engine. The Taskbar makeover in the builds is shown below, the last Taskbar is the final version used in Windows 7.






FaceBook Blaster Pro 9.0 With Serials Full Version

imageFaceBook Blaster Pro is the Facebook friend adder marketing software tool.

Internet marketers are experiencing a gold  rush of web 3.0 FREE advertising to highly targeted leads on the fastest growing social network "Facebook".

Facebook Blaster Pro can run your marketing efforts on autopilot because automation is key to your success..




How To Use FBP Facebook Blaster Pro

Eset Smart Security And Antivirus Offline Installer For Life Time

Antivirus (ThreatSense® technology) eliminates Windows, Mac and Linux viruses, worms, Trojans, root kits and other malware.
The bottom line: Back from the nearly dead, or at least the un-updated, ESET returns with high-level security that's light on your system. For a basic antivirus suite that's light on your system and tough on malware, NOD32 gets a yes from us. image

I mostly prefer internet cafes to download antivirus programs and large files. Currently, I've ESET NOD32 antivirus 5 on my PC, which is not linked to the internet. Before ESET introduced the online installer, I have been downloading the standalone setup files and offline signature updates and take it on a USB to my home.

Therefore, for me, it was impossible to install the new ESET Smart Security 5 or ESET NOD32 5 until I found the offline installer for NOD32 antivirus from a blog. I download a copy of the standalone installer and now its working perfectly well in my PC.
However, the question I still have is why all companies are adopting the online installation lately. In my eyes, it has got a lot of disadvantages; if the installation stops in between the user has to download the files from the beginning- also the installer may not work if the firewall rules are incorrect and if the person running that PC is ignorant about the situation. Offline installer is a far better choice if you have a habit of formatting your PC once in a while.


Eset Smart Security Download 32 bit
Eset Smart Security Download 64 bit
Eset Nod32 Antivirus Download 32 bit
Eset Nod32 Antivirus Download 64 bit
For Download Eset Security & Antivirus Crack Click Here

Flytouch 7 SuperPad

Today we chat with a product recently launched Flytouch 7 SuperPad  of the android tablet pc in this ever-changing electronic age, we must first seize the market depends on the product itself which attract the eye, more refined appearance, or in the originalsome basis of the addition of those features?

First of all from the outside SuperPad VII and the previous Flytouch 7, or classic black and silver white with The right side also features two USB ports, a TF card slot, a headphone port, an HDMI link port, an RJ45 connector, a power connector, the top of the above will in turn speaker, look at the key from the outside Flytouch VII simply and Flytouch 3, is exactly the same!



New Flytouch 7 SuperPad VII Tablet PC running Android 4.03 ICS system Allwinner A10 1.2GHz and DDR3 1GHz And 4GB and 12GB Flash Disk. Download any application you want from Android Market and customize your Android eBook reader to make it exclusively yours.


You can choose from thousands more on the Android Market / Google Play and download them with a tap.Featured Apps, include News, Weather, the Work, Social, Travel, Play, and more.

The Buttons: Power On/off, Front-side Back Button, Home and Menu buttons on the side Support G-sensor

HD 10.2 inch Touch Screen Built-in Microphone Audio and 3.5mm Earphone Jack, Built-in 2*Speaker Built In GPS

New bright spot of the above are SuperPad VII, it is recommended! Built in WIFI 802.11b/g Support External 3G Support HDMI Video output to TV By simply accessing the Android Market from the menu, you can download a huge variety of free and paid software from the Android Marketplace.

New bright spot of the above are Flytouch 7, it is recommended!


More Reviews for Android Tablet Australia

Source Flytouch 7

Ainol Elf 8GB and 16GB In Stock

16GB elf tablet has a micro USB (that can host((plug in a thumb drive)) and charge) micro SD up to 32gb (tested up to 4gb)3.5mm headphone jack, works great.

the same resolution as the big players 7 inch ers out there (samsung and acer) its very reactive to touch .

All winner A10 a cortex A8 clocked at 1ghz powerful Allwinner Many CORE A10 1.5GHz is ARM Based, not MIPS based ,1 GHz of DDR3 RAM ,16gb of usable internal storage ,5 point touch screen 1025x600



Newest android 4.03 ice cream sandwich system ,Support Adobe Flash 11 for online video streaming such as Youtube and other online video and online game.
Ainol ELF Android 4.0.3 ICS tablets is powered by 4000 mAh battery for longer battery life Music 25 hours, Games 6 hours Web 7 hours video 8 hours.


Supports 2160p super HD, and all 1080P HD and other HD formats in more than 20 file formats, such as MKV, AVI, RM, FLV, WMV. Ainol NOVO 7 ELF automatically recognizes HD TV connection, and outputs video signal to TV. It displays on both tablet and TV for all operations. When HD video is playing, the tablet screen will be off.


Ainol NOVO 7 ELF  supports WiFi standard 802.1 b/g/n, and also supports external 3G dongles

Source : Ainol

Buy BSNL Tablet PC Online at Pre Booking available

the National Telecom Company BSNL had launched the three tablets with one of them is said to be the rival of Aakash Tablet.In our previous post we have discussed the Specifications and Features of BSNL's cheapest tablet.Now it is time to discuss How to Buy BSNL Tablet Online


Here  are a few steps that readers must under go in order to Book or Buy their BSNL Tablet Online

  • BSNL Planned to sell the Tablets Online at the Partner Website of PANTEL i.e at (
  • Currently the Website is only offering Pre-Booking for the tablet.
  • Before Pre Booking the BSNL tablet, readers are advised to check the detailed description of these tablets at this link (
  • After reading the Complete description about the Product, readers can now pre book their product.
  • For Prebooking the Bsnl Tablet, you are required to fill a Pre booking form and fill in your details (Including your name, Email, Shipping Address and Phone Number).
  • After sumitting the Pre-Booking form, the system wil Generate a Booking ID (something Like this PENT005918.).The booking ID must be preserved for future refernece and tracking your order in the later stages
  • If you have any queries related to the BSNL Tablet, you are advised to contact the Customer Care Executives of the Company at the contact Numbers given below.
  1. Phone No :+91 120-4277731/32, +91 120-4307999
  2. Email Id :

Share: If you think that there is something we are missing in this article then you must submit your Quries in the Comment Box given below.You can also share your views about the Product in the comment box.

Buy Bnsl Tablet PC from retail stores in Hyderabad,Delhi,Mumbai,Bangalore

BSNL tablet will be available in Retail stores and BSNL store after 1st March, 2012

In our previous post on How to Pre book and Buy Bsnl Tablet Online, we have discussed the Complete Procedure on Booking Bsnl Tablet Online.Now in this post, we will discuss on How you can buy Bsnl Tablet Offline at the retail stores in the country.


The cheapest among the three Bsnl tablets Penta Tpad IS7O1R currently priced at Rs 3250/- is getting the huge response from the Indian Consumers. According to a Press release issued by the Pantel Technologies, it was announced that Company had received 1 lakh pre-booking orders  over the phone and Online with in three days.It is worth mentioning here that these tablets had been manufactured by Pantel Technologies in association with National Telecom Backbone BSNL.

How to get BSNL Tablet through Offline mode ?

If you are interested in buying the Bsnl tablet, then you have two modes: is Online as well as Offline mode

Online Mode: The pre booking for the Bsnl tablet had already been started and you can read the complete details about Pre booking the Bsnl Tablet here.The delivery of Bsnl tablets pre booked at  the Pantel Website will commence after 5th March, 2012

Offline Mode: According to an Official handout, the Bsnl Tablet will be available in retail stores after 1st March, 2012.The BSNL tablet can also be bought from the Bsnl stores spread across the country.More details about the buying the Bsnl tablet from retail stores will be provided on this page very soon

Bsnl Tablet in Your City:

If are are from Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Patna, Jammu, Shimla, Bangalore, or any other Indian cities, then you can buy Bsnl tablet from the nearest Retail store dealing in Mobile/Computers OR From the nearest Bsnl Store only after March 1, 2012

Queries: If you have any queries related to Buying the Bsnl tablet from the retail stores or Bsnl Store, then you can put your questions or queries in the Comment Box given below

Lava Xolo X900 :Launch date, Price in India,Specs, Buy Online

Microprocessor Giant Intel made made its way into the Smart phone market by launching a Smart phone in collaboration with Indian Multinational Lava.Yes the Lava Xolo X900 is ready to land in the Indian Mobile Market on 23rd April 2012.Intel Officials in a Press Release in New Delhi confirmed that Smart phone  is powered by Intel Chips.

How Lava Xolo X900 Looks?

Have a look at the Intel  Lava  Xolo X900 Smart phone


Here are some main points that readers would like to know about this Smart phone:

Price in India : The Smart phone in its initial stage is a bit costlier and is priced at Rs 22,000 or about $ 420.

How to Buy ? : If you are interested in buying the phone and afford the above mentioned price, then would like to inform that company had tied up with CROMA, a chain of Indian Mega stores.

Release Date : The Lava Xolo X900 will initially be released in the Indian markets on 23rd April, 2012.

Battery Life: According to the Intel, the battery life is expected to be of 5 hours with talking capability of 8 hours.3G support is also available.

Specs of Intel-Lava Xolo X 900

  • Processor: 1.6GHz Atom chips
  • Camera: 8 Mpx
  • Display : 4.03 inch Touch screen
  • Operating System: Gingerbread

Note : If you would like to know more about the product then reach out to us by posting your comments below .