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Wow Below 1000 rupees Mobiles

At a time when mobile phones control statements and are the first choice for most young people, simple cell cellular phones have apparently lost importance. Yet producers haven't ceased making them. In fact, these mobile-phones are still being launched by big manufacturers such as Htc and New samsung and represent a significant slice of cellular phones sold in our country.below 1k copy

These basic cellular phones are usually super low-cost cellular phones, focused at individuals who prefer to use cell cellular phones for contacting and SMS, rather than high-end elegant function. Even with a smart phone in the house, you may want one of these as a second phone simply for their convenience and power supply back-up. We list five cell cellular phones that individuals can buy for less than Rs 1000 in Indian.

All of the below have been chosen based on their brand value in Indian, presenting the newest design in the sequence. These may be tedious gadgets for many, but function accessories like FM Stereo - and are great when it comes to power supply lifespan (talktime on a single charge). Prices were attracted from online suppliers, and you may be able to purchase them for even smaller at your local brick-and-mortar shops.

Nokia 1280
Good old Nokia, which gained a lot of popularity with its basic-phone range, has the Nokia 1280 phone which is sold for a price of Rs 999. Its key features are:

  • 1.4" screen
  • alphanumeric keypad
  • built-in FM radio
  • speaking Alarm clock
  • flashlight present
  • 8 hours of talk time claimed

The Nokia 1280 weighs around 82 grams and comes in two colour variants, Graphite and Black. This model is meant to be replaced by the Nokia 100 (priced above 1k) in a few months.

Nokia 1280

Spice M5005n
Spice, known for its low-cost mobile-phones has the M5005n which is priced at Rs 979. The key features that this phone provides are:

  • 1.8" TFT display
  • Dual-SIM support
  • 0.3 MP primary camera with video recording
  • built-in FM radio along with MP3 and video player
  • built-in torch
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 6 hours of claimed talk time

Spice M5005n

Intex Nano Y
Priced at Rs 949, the phone provides multimedia features like Music player (support offered: MP3, WAV), video player and built-in FM radio. Here are its key features:

  • 1.8" TFT screen
  • Dual-SIM support
  • Primary VGA Camera with video recording
  • Bluetooth and USB Connectivity
  • Claimed talk time of 4 hours along with 240 hours of standby time
  • Auto call record
  • LED torch light

Intex Nano Y

Karbonn K101
Priced at Rs 929, the phone has the following key features:

  • 1.8" LCD display
  • Dual-SIM support
  • Built-in FM radio and MP3 player
  • Up to 4 GB microSD card support
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Talktime of up to 4 hours
  • LED Torch

The Karbonn K101 is available in two colour variants, Black and Red.

Karbonn K101

Lava Arc 11
Priced at Rs 982, the Lava ARC 11 even has a 0.3MP camera along with USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Its key features are:

  • 1.8" display
  • Claimed battery talk time of 4 hrs
  • Dual-SIM support
  • LED Torch
  • Built-in memory can be expanded up to 8 GB

Lava Arc 11

Here's a recap to summarize our list of sub-1k mobile-phones:

mobile price comparision chart

If you are specifically looking for a robust basic phone, we suggest you go in for Nokia 1280 for its build-quality and warranty. If you want one with more features (like dual-SIM, memory card support, and camera), pick the Spice M5005n instead.

Wow Adobe Photoshop CS is free Get it Legally

Adobe has stopped its activation serial numbers for CS2 on servers. If you are a registered user and already in possession of a valid serial number for CS2 then you can (re) download free CS2 to install for example due to a formatted disk. If you are not in this case, you will need to purchase Photoshop CS or the latest version CS6.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 offers the following as a free download for all and already in possession of a valid serial number .

adobe-photoshop-cs2-gratuit copy

Just have a free account on the Adobe website to be able to legally have the entire suite including

  • Acrobat Photoshop CS2,
  • Illustrator CS2, Audition 3.0,
  • GoLive CS2,
  • InDesign CS2,
  • InDesign CS2,
  • Photoshop CS2,
  • Photoshop Elements 5.0 and
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0.

Rather than having to manage records serial numbers using a procedure and an out dated server, Adobe has chosen to provide users already owners of a CS2 license and know just an older version of download free declination CS2 well known graphics processing software Photoshop.

This version is completely out dated for those who want to have the latest tools and features to specific versions Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop CS6, but CS2 is ideal for keen amateur designer to learn how to use Photoshop.

Photographers working in JPG will also be filled, those who use the RAW format will be more careful because CS2 does not support the latest versions of Camera Raw and then the files from the latest digital cameras. It is possible in this case against using the Adobe DNG Converter utility that allows easy conversion convert its native RAW files to Adobe DNG RAW format.

Get the Photoshop CS2 and above mentioned software from here with Serial numbers


  • Adobe has disabled the activation server for CS2 products, including Acrobat 7, because of a technical issue. These products were released more than seven years ago, do not run on many modern operating systems, and are no longer supported.
  • Adobe strongly advises against running unsupported and out-dated software. The serial numbers below should only be used by customers who legitimately purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 and need to maintain their current use of these products.

The Advantages of Facebook Chart Look for and How Blog Writers Can Take Advantage

Suddenly, optimization for Facebook has become even more essential than ever before. While the last may have remaining organizations just trying to position well using a few search phrases, new factors have now come into play.

Introducing Facebook Graph Search
A few of the advantages of these changes include:

Likes Issue. The whole concept behind the new search graph is that a company can no longer just make a company web page. The search are going to rely upon the involvement of that web page (number of prefers, individuals checking-in, individuals leaving comments, location-based looking, etc.).
How blog writers Are Affected: Every time that someone visitor content or feedback on your website, immediate them to “like” your Facebook. In my personal viewpoint, this will soon be even more essential than asking individuals to adhere to you on Tweets.

Local Details. The new Chart search uses the regional information that Facebook has. In the last organizations could use this for ad focusing on, but now customers can use this for their own focusing on.
How blog writers Are Affected: Create sure that you have everything loaded out on your Facebook page with regards to place. If you are totally your blog that provides guidance and no solutions, this might not be as appropriate as your blog writer who also provides say, SEO solutions.

Facebook Graph results

Understand Competitors:Understand Competitors: You can now easily do a find your opponents in regards to your particular viewers. If you type in looking and see that one of your rival's reveals up, you can see exactly which of your fans/followers have involved with that organization in the last. It will also help give you an concept of just how many individuals might be seeing that result.

How Blog writers Are Affected: blog writers generally perform with the competitors by providing visitor content. As your blog writer, this is a great way to find new individuals who might be enthusiastic about studying your website. After all, if they like the competitors, you have got a very excellent cause.

Individual Relationship Significance. If you are a organization with a lot of “likes” from other organizations, you might want to re-think your technique. Facebook customers are going to care the most about what their buddies have to say, so you are going to want supporters who have many buddies.

How Blog writers Are Affected: This is where bloggers have a leg up. Those who study blogs generally really appreciate public networking as individuals.

Are you your blog writer that has used Facebook Chart search? What did you do for making the new function perform for you? Do you estimate this will be effective and/or matter for bloggers? Let us know your ideas in content below.


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Samsung Galaxy SIV to be Released in April

we have heard about the possibility of a new touch technology on the Samsung Galaxy SIV. Recent rumored specifications include 4.99-inch full HD display, 2GB of RAM, a 2GHz Exons 5 Octal processor, 3100 mAh battery and wireless charging.
It seems very likely for the operating system to be Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean, although I'm hoping for 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Maybe the most important fact is that the phone will feature a Qualcomm processor, which has caused a certain amount of interest on the web.
We are getting closer to the release date of the new Galaxy smartphone, rumored to happen in April, this year. The date is also supported by TechRadar and Gizmorati, so all we can do is wait for the big day.
I also expect to see a new design from Samsung. The leaked specs have already given some overall idea of what to expect, but of course nothing is confirmed yet.
Sources have suggested that the new Galaxy SIV would come with the amazing Samsung S Pen stylus - a must-feature with the Galaxy Note smartphones. The latest news from a Korean online trusted publication is that the company has decided in the last moment that the Galaxy S4 will not now feature the S Pen stylus, but this remains unclear.
Other news from the same source mentions that its home button will not be present on this version, although it seems that Samsung has decided to keep the home button, according to another leaked draft. The report also mentions that the production will begin in March, this year, with a release no later than April.
What I know for sure is that we will have an 8 core smartphone coming from the Korean firm, as it was announced at CES 2013, which will be complete with 4 big cores and 4 smaller cores, as part of ARM's complex and powerful architecture.
The support for the 8-core SIV version is one of the best to run the Android 4.2.1. and will sport a 1.8GHz Octa processor.
The April launch event is expected by at least 600,000 new Samsung customers, eager to buy the new smartphone.

How To Safe Boot Windows 7

Windows 7 Boot Screen

Booting Windows in safe mode can help us to know if any odd behavior of your windows system is due to software or hardware component.Recently, my Dell laptop couldn't connect to internet and it showed DNS Server not responding error.When I contacted Dell customer care and they suggested me to boot Windows in safe mode and see if the problem is solved.
So now the question is....


How To Safe Boot Windows 7

To safe boot Windows, you first need to access Advanced Booting Option.There are two ways to access Advanced Booting Option:
1.When system boots up
2.Through system configuration
1.When System Boots Up

This is the fastest way to get into advanced boot options in Windows.Keep tapping F8 button immediately after your system is ON.If you were fast enough and lucky you would see Adanced Boot Options instead of Windows boot screen.

If you're F8 key is not working, or if in rare case, if your system is like ssuuppeerr fast - this method won't work for you.

2.Through System Configuration

To access Boot options through system configuration, first open Run dialog box.

open msconfig Windows 7

Run dialog box in Windows 7

Type "msconfig" and click OK.

You will see System Configuration windows.Click Boot tab.

safe boot windows 7 dell

System Configuration Windows 7

From there you can select Safe boot. If you want safe boot with networking check the network button.

Now restart your system to boot Windows in safe mode.To restore normal booting, you should foolow the same procedure and uncheck the safe boot option.

10 ways to promote your blog and its posts

The majority of traffic that comes to a blog post comes within the first day or so after it's published. You can get bumps in traffic long after a blog post is published, but more often, the bulk of the traffic to a blog post comes sooner rather than later.


With that in mind, it's important to promote your blog posts and increase traffic to them immediately after you publish them. This is particularly important for posts about timely topics but applies to all of your blog posts. Following are 15 ways you can promote your blog post immediately after you publish it to increase traffic to it quickly.

1. Tweet Your Blog Post to Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is a free micro-blogging tool that allows users to publish short messages (140 characters or less) through their computers and mobile phones. Twitter launched in 2007 and nearly 1 million people were using it within one year of its debut.

Twitter is a perfect place to share a link to your blog post as soon as you publish it. There are many tools that enable you to automatically publish a link to your latest blog post on your Twitter stream, or you can share it manually.

Know the limitations of Twitter messaging:

  1. Daily Update Limits: You can publish up to 1,000 total updates to your Twitter account per day from all devices combined (Web, cell phone, etc.).
  2. Daily Direct Message Limits: Twitter limits direct messages to 250 total per day on all devices (Web, cell phone, etc.).
  3. Follower Limits: You can follow up to 2,000 people on Twitter without any problems, but once you follow 2,001 or more people, you'll face following limits. Twitter following limits are based on the ratio of the number of people you follow to the number of people who follow you.
2. Share the Blog Post on Facebook

Given how many people use Facebook, it's highly likely that people who want to read your blog posts are on Facebook, too. Therefore, be sure to share a link to your blog post on both your Facebook Profile and Page (if you have a Facebook Page for your blog).

Tip to Facebook traffic:

    1. Complete Your Profile Strategically
    2. Find Friends
    3. Join Groups or Create Your Own Group
    4. Create a Facebook Page and Become a Fan of Other Facebook Pages
    5. Link Your Other Social Accounts to Your Facebook Profile and Page
    6. Promote Your Facebook Link
    7. Be Active in Facebook by updating regularly
    8. Acknowledge and Reciprocate - spend the majority of your Facebook time commenting on other people's statuses and conversations, sharing other people's great content, responding to direct messages, and so on.
    9. create and Place a Facebook Ad
    10. Be Human in facebook
3. Share the Post on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking website that allows you to "pin" images and videos that you find online and want to save or share with others onto virtual pinboards. It's similar to popular social bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon, but you can only pin images and videos on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking sites. If you include images in your blog posts, then Pinterest is a great place to promote them.

4. Share the Post on Google+

Google+ is a powerful tool for blog post promotion, and it shouldn't be missed. Google+ is the fastest-growing social networking site. It's a perfect place to connect with people around the world, build relationships, and drive readers to your blog. To get you started, following are 10 tips to help you increase blog traffic with Google+ right now.

    1. Create a Complete Profile or Page
    2. Connect with People – stay connecting with other Google + members
    3. Create Circles - you should create circles to categorize your Google+ connections and then place people into appropriate circles.
    4. Send Targeted Messages
    5. Publish Interesting Content
    6. Create Sparks -Create sparks to track keywords related to your blog topic and jump into relevant conversations.
    7. Host Hangouts - Google+ hangouts are video chats between up to 10 Google+ members. You can host a hangout and promote it as a small virtual webinar or tuturial session.
    8. Host Huddles: Instead of holding a tweet chat on Twitter, you can hold a Google+ huddle, which is a text chat between Google+ members.
    9. Integrate and Cross-Promote : Use social media icons, Facebook social plugins, Twitter widgets, and so on to integrate your blog marketing efforts and cross-promote your content.
    10. Be Active: Update your Google+ stream frequently with new content, and make sure you spend time commenting on other members' updates as well.
5. Share the Post to Your LinkedIn Followers

If you write a blog about a business, career, or professional topic, then LinkedIn is one of the most important places to promote your blog posts.

6. Include a Link to the Post in Your Email Newsletter

If you have an email opt-in form on your blog and collect email addresses from readers in order to send email newsletters and communications to them, then those email messages are a great place to share links to your blog posts.

7. Share the Post on Social Bookmarking Sites Like StumbleUpon

Social bookmarking enables you to share your blog posts with people who are actively looking for content.

8. Share the Post in Relevant Forums that You Participate In:

Be sure to offer more useful information and comments than self-promotional links in your posts though, so you don't appear to care more about self-promotion than the members' conversations.

Tools to add a Forum to your Blog / website:

      1. vBulletin : vBulletin is one of the most popular forum tools because it is chock full of features and functionality.
      2. phpbb: phpbb is one of the most popular free forum tools because it offers a wide variety of features even though it's completely free to use.
      3. bbPress: Even though the free bbPress forum tool was created by the makers of WordPress and Akismet, you don't have to use WordPress to use the bbPress forum tool. It's a standalone tool that can be added to any blog or website.
      4. Vanilla Forums: Vanilla Forums is a free, open-source forum tool that offers some customization options but not as much as some of the other options in this list.
      5. Simple-Press:Simple-Press is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add a customizable forum to your self-hosted blog or website.
9. Comment on Relevant Blogs and Include the Link to Your Blog Post

Commenting on other blogs that are about similar topics as yours or are likely to have readers who are part of your target audience is a great way to promote your blog posts.

10. Promote Your Blog Post Internally:

Internal linking within your own blog is an important part of search engine optimization and keeping people on your blog longer. Think about how your blog post fits into your internal linking strategy.

15 best services offered by Google

Who knew that this miss-spelled area will aphorism the apple of internet? The website that was started with the aim to accumulate all advice in one abode after became the best able website of the world. Currently, google is alms dozens of paid and contributed casework and articles to its end-users.


According to a joke, google is the best beheld website in the apple because abounding bodies aloof use it to analysis whether their internet is alive or not but it is a actuality that alone google look receives about 1 billion look queries daily.

This column is committed to google and some of the top casework and articles offered by google.

15 best services offered by google

1. Google Search:

Launched in 1996

In the world of search, google is without any doubt beating all its opponents since many years. Google offers its services not only on its international domain i.e but also on regional level domains.

2. Gmail:

Launched in 2004

Only gmail was able to beat/break the monopoly of yahoo and hotmail’s email service. Gmail offers dozens of free and intelligent services and is very much easy-to-use for even a layman.

3.Google Toolbar:

Launched in 2000

Although google has launched its browser named chrome but if you are familiar with internet explorer you can still sense the smell of google in it, yes, google toolbar will never let you to forget google and its excellent products and services. Google toolbar is an excellent tool to create your own buttons on the browser, in addition it also has a search box and a popup blocker.

4. Blogger:

Bought by Google in 2003

Another popular service offered by google that has a vast amount of some newest features. Blogger is one of the most easiest and popular blogging sites.

5. Google Alerts:

Launched in 2005

If you want to be notified of your search terms by email than google Alerts is the best service for you where you can enter your search terms along with preferences and you will be notified through email on daily/weekly basis.

6. Google Chrome:

Launched in 2008

We can say Google Chrome is the leading internet browser which has easily beaten mozilla firefox and internet explorer.

7.Google +:

Launched in 2011

People started thinking whether facebook can be beaten by any other social network or not? But now this question is answerable because this different, unique and professional looking site has grabbed a large share of visitors and rapidly growing.

8.  Picasa:

Bought by google in 2004

An excellent application to organize and edit your photos. In addition you will be able to add some basic effects too.


Bought by google in 2005

It was another bold step by google to introduce an operating system in the market where various versions of windows were already gripped tightly. Android is an operating system, yes, its an operating system by google for smart phones and tablet PCs.

10. Adsense:

Launched in 2003

For this service, I surely can say that “They came, they saw and they conquered”. Today Google adsense is the most reliable online advertising service that has won the hearts of hundred thousands web publishers.

11. Adwords:

Launched in 2000

Do you want to rise on internet? Try google adwords that will spread your ads to thousands of the websites online that will surely results in a fruitful turnout.

12.Google Docs:

Launched in 2010

An excellent platform to store your documents, PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets online along with some excellent features. It allows you to store up to 10 GB of your data online. Google Docs will soon be replaced with Google Drive that has cloud storage and many newest features.

13. Youtube:

Bought by google in 2006

The largest video sharing website on internet which offers free space to its users to upload their videos. Originally Youtube was launched and maintained by a group of three friends but was bought by Google in November 2006.

14.Google Maps:

Launched in 2005

Did you ever imagine that you’d be able to view a live preview of the locations you wanna drive? Google maps made it possible for you where you can search for streets and driving directions for majority countries of the world.

15. Google Bookmarks:

Launched in 2005

An excellent service to store your bookmarks online so you can access them anywhere. This service is available for everyone who has google account.

Now you can explore the moon, the mars, stars and the galaxies. The services names Google Moon, Google Mars and Google Sky are the products through which you can view the world outside of our world. What else you need?

From Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 : Chronological Evolution !

Have you anytime wondered that how Windows acquired to such a beauty?
How was windows back it was aboriginal alien and how it all improved? The Windows 7, Latest masterpiece by Microsoft offers a affluent acquaintance to users with its eye-candy animations and solid programming.

To accept a aiguilles at the change of Windows with time, apprehend more.

Windows 1.0
Windows 1.0 was alien in November 1985. It was a huge advance at that time as it offered a Graphical User Interface (GUI) instead of black command screens acclimated by antecedent operating systems.
Windows 1.0 did not acquiesce overlapping of altered windows as it was a affection acclimated and copyrighted by Mac operating system. So instead of that window 1.0 acclimated tiled arrangement for the adjustment of windows.



Windows 2.0
Windows 2.0 was alien in November 1987. It offered a cogent advance over Windows 1.0. It alien several appearance like overlapping of Windows, new Keyboard shortcuts and bigger GUI. It additionally featured abounding new applications.

After some time windows 2.1 was alien which could multi-task several applications and had bigger anamnesis administration schemes. Visually it was identical to windows 2.0.

image image

Windows 3.0 & 3.1
Windows 3.0 and 3.1 brought a advance in claimed computer industry. They were broadly adopted by several pc manufacturers. Apple’s Mac OS about was alone accustomed to be installed on Apple computers.
Windows 3.0 brought abounding new appearance into the windows realm. It accurate bigger multi-tasking and it had admission to added anamnesis modules than any added antecedent versions. As best of the coding was done in accumulation language, This Windows was faster and added reliable.

image image image

Microsoft Bob

Microsoft bob was a GUI experiment by Microsoft that was innovative but it failed. It presented a cartoon view of an office, where users can access their programs easily. Microsoft Bob is usually mentioned as one of the worst products Microsoft created


Windows 95

Windows 95 was the base of the future Windows versions introduced. Windows 95 was more stable and reliable as compared to previous versions of Windows. It supported 32-bit applications.

Windows 95 became a highly successful and acclaimed OS.



Windows NT versions

First windows NT version was released on July, 1993 and after came a series on NT labeled Windows Versions. NT 3.0, 3.5, 3.51, 4.0 are prominent in those versions. NT stands for “New Technology”, which means NT was a full windows version that was an upgrade from 8/16 bit windows to 32 bit windows.




Windows 98

Microsoft introduced Windows 98 in year 1998. It had several stability and memory fixes over windows 95.

This OS was very widely opted by PC manufacturers in the World.


Windows ME

Shortly after windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition was launched. It didn't performed very well in the market because it had several stability flaws. It is known in technological circles as “Windows Mistake Edition”.


Windows 2000

Windows 2000 was one of the operating system offered by Microsoft which was built on NT platform. This OS was widely installed on many Servers of the World. Overall it was a success.


Windows XP

Windows XP is regarded as the most successful creation by Microsoft Corporation. Windows XP has entirely revamped User Interface with several new features and stability fixes. XP was most stable operating system as it did not crash when one of the applications malfunctioned. Windows XP was widely installed and people upgraded from previous versions of Windows to XP.


Windows Vista

Windows Vista was released worldwide on January 27, 2007. Windows Vista featured advanced GUI and security features. The Animations and Alpha shading effects of Windows Vista came at a shear expense of system resources.

Huge system resources were required to run Vista smoothly. Minimum RAM requirement was 2 GB. These problems hindered wide adoption of Vista by masses. So Vista is not regarded as a successful operating system compared to previous versions of Windows.


Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 was released to worldwide OEM’s on July 22, 2009 and to users on October 21, 2009. Windows 7 promised to offer fast and rich user experience. The system requirements for Windows 7 were reduced and it was made lighter and more agile. It had the largest pre-order in the history, performing many times better than Vista in the first week of sales.

Windows 7 has entirely revamped UI and engine. The Taskbar makeover in the builds is shown below, the last Taskbar is the final version used in Windows 7.






50 Important Blogging Tips

As a human, we must have a principle. Because with the principle, our life will be discipline and focus. As well a blogger, we must have a principle to develop our blog.

imageSo in this case, I will share to you about some blogging tips. There are 50 Important Blogging Tips that I will tell to you.
1. Create a new blog
2. Write your favorite topic
3. Choose a topic wisely
4. Use a domain that consistent with your blog's topic
5. Try to make a memorable domain
6. If you want to serious, buy a domain
7. Make a good design (template)
8. Choose appropriate widgets with your blog
9. Don't put too many widgets on the sidebar
10. Use easy-to-read text
11. Write a post with effective title
12. Put at least one picture in a post
13. Give some jokes
14. Don't copy articles from other blogs
15. Read again your post before publish
16. Edit the post more than one
17. Set the category or the label
18. Write at least 5 posts a week
19. Ping to Pingomatic and Pingoat after post
20. Write for Technorati and Ezine Articles
21. Blogwalking
22. Interact with other bloggers
23. Participate in the other bloggers project
24. Leave a useful comment
25. Become the first commentator
26. Try to always answer comments
27. Learn basics SEO
28. Use Meta Tag
29. Submit your blog to  Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
30. Register to some Social Bookmarks
31. Register to some Directories
32. Use Google Webmaster Tools
33. Use Google Analytics
34. Use Google External Keyword Tool
35. Create a list of "The Most Popular Posts"
36. Create a list of " Recent Comments"
37. Give some useful tools
38. Give some useful links
39. Use RSS Feed
40. Provide an easy way to subscribe
41. Join in some forums
42. Put a link to our blog as a signature
43. Provide an easy way for visitors to contact us
44. Try to earn money with Google AdSense, AdBrite, or Chitika
45. Don't put too many advertisements
46. Set the advertisement wisely
47. Blogging consistently
48. Be patient
49. Be yourself
50. Make a list of "50 Important Blogging Tips"

I think if you can do all 50 Important Blogging Tips, you will be a "Real Blogger".

How to Make your Windows Start-up Faster

Does your Windows computer take really long to start-up?

Well, you are not alone with this problem but fortunately, with some minor tweaks, you can get your sluggish Windows to start much faster without re-installing Windows or adding any new hardware.

The logic is fairly simple. Your computer loads quite a few software programs and services during start-up (look at all the icons in your Windows System tray). If you can trim this list, your computer’s boot time will decrease.

I have been testing a free utility called Soluto and it helped reduce the start-up time of my Windows computer from 3.15 minutes to around 1.25 minutes. All this with a few easy clicks and without confusing the user with any technical jargon.



After you install Soluto, it sorts your start-up programs list into three categories:

  • No-brainer – remove these programs from start-up with giving a second thought.
  • Potentially removable – another list of start-up programs that may also be removed provided you know what these programs do.
  • Required – Certain programs and services are required to run Windows properly and therefore should not be removed.

Depending upon the software app, you may then either choose “Pause” to completely remove that app from the start-up queue or choose “Delay” when you want the app to run automatically but not immediately at start-up. Soluto will launch the “delayed” app once the boot up is over and your system is idle.

You can also hover the mouse over any program name and Soluto will display the number of seconds that the app adds to the start-up time. And don’t bother about making mistakes because Soluto has a useful “Undo all” feature that will restore the start-up list to the original state with a click.


Once you are done classifying your start-up programs list, reboot the computer and you should notice a difference between the start-up time.

Where to download Soluto?

The official site for Soluto is but in order to download the program, you should head over to

Alternatives to Soluto

If you are tech-savvy, you can also use a utility like Sysinternals Autoruns to manually prevent all the non-essential Windows processes and programs from running at start-up.

Just uncheck all the Autorun entries and Services that you don’t wish to load at startup and reboot your system. You’ll however need a separate program to get the “delay” feature which is so handy in Solute.


How to Change Blog Title with Post Title

Hello, friends! Do you ever think about how to change blog title with post title? If you have, you're lucky today. Because we will discuss about How to Change Blog Title with Post Title. Many bloggers said, it can raise our blog SEO. For the details, you can read the explanation below.
Now you can check this, for example here is a blog with Blog Title as "Comutricks" and a blog Post Title "How to Boost Download Speed"

By Default, the Post title appears like this:

Comutricks : How to Boost Download Speed

But, after you followed this trick, the title will look like this

How to Boost Download Speed | Comutricks

The second title looks better as the subject matter of the blog post. This is also good for search engine optimization. So, if you want to know how to change blog title with post title, just follow the steps below.
1. Log in to your blogger acccount
2. Go to Design --> Edit HTML
3. Find this code


What? If you didn't find that code, try to find this code


4. Then, replace one of the code above, with code below.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
<title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>

5. Finish! Just click Save Template

Add Facebook Comment Style for Blogger

I will post about Add Facebook Comment Style for Blogger. I think this trick also important, because maybe some of our visitors don't have a blogger account. Or maybe, they can't navigate blogger comment style. If you want to know how to add facebook comment style for blogger, just follow the steps below. See the DEMO first!


=> Hide Blogger Comment Box

1. Log in to your blogger account

2. Go to Settings --> Comments
3. Find "Comments", and choose "Hide"

=> Add Facebook Comment
1. Go to Design --> Edit HTML
2. Check in the "Expand Widge Templates" box
3. Copy the code below, and paste under <data:post.body/> (If you're using "Read More", there are 2 <data:post.body/>, so choose the second)


<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<p align='left'><a href='' target='new'><img alt='' class='icon-action' src=''/></a></p>
<div id='fb-root'/>
window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
FB.init({appId: &#39;149973631711831&#39;, status: true, cookie: true,
xfbml: true});
(function() {
var e = document.createElement(&#39;script&#39;); e.async = true;
e.src = document.location.protocol +
e.async = true;

4. Now you can click SAVE TEMPLATE

Factors effecting slow computer startup – Tips And Tricks to fix windows problem

Several factors can be reason for slow startup. Suppose if your computer start up is very slow consuming lot of time duration, you can jump to follow remarkable Tech Tips And Tricks and make it start up faster.image

What is the solution for your computer starts up very slow? Definitely a professional PC tech tool will help you to perform with the help of the steps. Tech Tips And Tricks steps to follow:

1. System Configuration Utility should consist of necessary startup items.

Its straight forward disable the unnecessary startup items that lead to longer duration boot-up time for Windows. How to disable the start up items with windows?

a.) Click “Start” –> “Run”, to type “msconfig” then click “OK” to open System Configuration Utility.
These are steps to start “System Configuration Utility”.

b.) Click tab “Startup”. Disable the start-up items which are not required by appropriate selection. This determines the start up programming has been prevented the unnecessary programs for Windows System.

2. Modify Registry Keys and Values. Editing few registry values result in decrease of start-up time and shutdown. Steps to follow before that one must perform strictly when a slight change can result in very critical problems.

a.) Click “Start”–> “Run”, type “regedit” then click “OK” to open Registry Editor. Steps to “Start Registry Editor”.

b.) step-by-step opening submenus: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER]–>[Control Panel]–>[Desktop].

c.) Prefered values to set. You find [HungAppTimeout], and change the value data to 200. And change the value data of WaitToKillAppTimeout] to 1000.

Once completion of above steps, result in start-up of your computer much faster compared to previous performance. Thera are other Tech Tips And Tricks that help to optimize your computer performance. Infact it is too risky to take action, if you aren’t aware of the purpose of performing the steps of Tech Tips And Tricks.