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IRCTC Login (Fast login and Fast Ticket booking method) not slow

Now you can book your Indian railway ticket on heavy loaded IRCTC website within 1 minute even if at around 8:00 AM, when the IRCTC website get heavily loaded.

If you try to open IRCTC website ( )on normal browser, most of the time you will find that the website is too  slow. Most probably  from 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM you will not be able to book any train ticket because IRCTC website becomes too much slow during this peak hour. Generally you will not be able to book Tatkal ticket because of slow running of IRCTC website.

To tackle this problem here is most reliable method to book your train ticket from IRCTC website (mobile version) quickly without any problem in very less time even during peak hour.

Suppose you want to book ticket  on opening day of booking or want to book Tatkal ticket on next day at 8:00 AM, you need to get prepared much before 8:00 AM

You need to get prepared in following steps. (much before 8:00 AM, when load on IRCTC website  is less)

Step 1. Keep your profile at irctc website updated. Keep passenger list information ready at USER PROFILEMaster list of passenger (by doing this you need not require to fill the details of passenger at the time of booking, you just need to select the passenger so you will save a lot of time).

Step 2. Keep ready the short code name of destination and starting station name. For example short code name of Delhi station is “DLI”. (by doing this, you only need to type short name of starting station and destination station, so you will save time).

Step 3. Keep ready DEBIT CARD number of CREDIT Card details, because these are the fastest way to make payment. and these are the only option of payment if you book train ticket through (this mobile version of IRCTC will open in browser made for mobile phone).

Now here is the steps to book ticket just around 8:00 AM

STEP 4. (from 7:45 AM) Normal IRCTC website ( will be sure slow, so forget it, there is mobile version of IRCTC website also which is very fast and will never hang. You need to open mobile browser simulator in your computer’s browser, which is at this link OPERA MINI SIMULATOR (don’t use your mobile for opening opera browser, because in your mobile data transfer rate may be slow).

STEP 5. (before 8:00 AM ) Open in opera mini browser simulator which is running in your computer’s browser

STEP 6 : Login into your IRCTC account. After submitting details it will lead to City bank, on clicking OK, it will  ask for debit card or credit card information, fill the information and submit, you will get your train ticket. Here the example screen shot while booking the ticket.


STEP 7: after 1-2 hr when IRCTC website load will decrease, login into normal browser and go to booked ticket and take prink out of your booked ticket.

So in this way you will never miss any train ticket booking because of slow running of IRCTC website.

It will be good, if you practice the surfing of on opera mini simulator beforehand.