15 best services offered by Google

Who knew that this miss-spelled area will aphorism the apple of internet? The website that was started with the aim to accumulate all advice in one abode after became the best able website of the world. Currently, google is alms dozens of paid and contributed casework and articles to its end-users.


According to a joke, google is the best beheld website in the apple because abounding bodies aloof use it to analysis whether their internet is alive or not but it is a actuality that alone google look receives about 1 billion look queries daily.

This column is committed to google and some of the top casework and articles offered by google.

15 best services offered by google

1. Google Search:

Launched in 1996

In the world of search, google is without any doubt beating all its opponents since many years. Google offers its services not only on its international domain i.e google.com but also on regional level domains.

2. Gmail:

Launched in 2004

Only gmail was able to beat/break the monopoly of yahoo and hotmail’s email service. Gmail offers dozens of free and intelligent services and is very much easy-to-use for even a layman.

3.Google Toolbar:

Launched in 2000

Although google has launched its browser named chrome but if you are familiar with internet explorer you can still sense the smell of google in it, yes, google toolbar will never let you to forget google and its excellent products and services. Google toolbar is an excellent tool to create your own buttons on the browser, in addition it also has a search box and a popup blocker.

4. Blogger:

Bought by Google in 2003

Another popular service offered by google that has a vast amount of some newest features. Blogger is one of the most easiest and popular blogging sites.

5. Google Alerts:

Launched in 2005

If you want to be notified of your search terms by email than google Alerts is the best service for you where you can enter your search terms along with preferences and you will be notified through email on daily/weekly basis.

6. Google Chrome:

Launched in 2008

We can say Google Chrome is the leading internet browser which has easily beaten mozilla firefox and internet explorer.

7.Google +:

Launched in 2011

People started thinking whether facebook can be beaten by any other social network or not? But now this question is answerable because this different, unique and professional looking site has grabbed a large share of visitors and rapidly growing.

8.  Picasa:

Bought by google in 2004

An excellent application to organize and edit your photos. In addition you will be able to add some basic effects too.


Bought by google in 2005

It was another bold step by google to introduce an operating system in the market where various versions of windows were already gripped tightly. Android is an operating system, yes, its an operating system by google for smart phones and tablet PCs.

10. Adsense:

Launched in 2003

For this service, I surely can say that “They came, they saw and they conquered”. Today Google adsense is the most reliable online advertising service that has won the hearts of hundred thousands web publishers.

11. Adwords:

Launched in 2000

Do you want to rise on internet? Try google adwords that will spread your ads to thousands of the websites online that will surely results in a fruitful turnout.

12.Google Docs:

Launched in 2010

An excellent platform to store your documents, PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets online along with some excellent features. It allows you to store up to 10 GB of your data online. Google Docs will soon be replaced with Google Drive that has cloud storage and many newest features.

13. Youtube:

Bought by google in 2006

The largest video sharing website on internet which offers free space to its users to upload their videos. Originally Youtube was launched and maintained by a group of three friends but was bought by Google in November 2006.

14.Google Maps:

Launched in 2005

Did you ever imagine that you’d be able to view a live preview of the locations you wanna drive? Google maps made it possible for you where you can search for streets and driving directions for majority countries of the world.

15. Google Bookmarks:

Launched in 2005

An excellent service to store your bookmarks online so you can access them anywhere. This service is available for everyone who has google account.

Now you can explore the moon, the mars, stars and the galaxies. The services names Google Moon, Google Mars and Google Sky are the products through which you can view the world outside of our world. What else you need?


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