Download Bulk Images from Google Images With Multi Image Downloader

If you wish to save images of your favorite celebrities from it will be much difficult to save bulk images shown on a single search page as user has to reach original image page to save that image to his computer,instead Multi Image downloader downloads bulk images shown on Google Images Search easily to your hard drive. image

How Multi Image Downloader works

Multi Image downloader helps user by downloading bulk images on Google images search which avoids user visiting multiple sites to save images to his Computer.This program will parse the Google images pages for source image references and downloads images in short span of time.

#1.Open Google images in your browser, perform the search for images you are looking for.

#2.Download and run Multi Image downloader in your Computer, in Multi Image Downloader program window paste the first page URL of the Google Images you searched for under “Google images” Page URL.

#3.Click Set Folder to specify the location to save images into your Computer.

#4.Now click Get image links will download and list links of exact image references , select all or some of the links and click download to let the program save all images to your computer hard drive.

Multi Image Downloader is freeware.

Download Multi Image Downloader


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