Best ways to increase traffic of website

There are following ways to increase your website's traffic.Hope you like this. Give your suggestions, views and advice on this topic.


1.Write more and more content:-
The best and the most powerful way to increase traffic is by publishing more and more posts which increases interest of users in your website and gives you more traffic.

2.Have a good design and layout:-
If your blog's or website's  design is very colorful, sloppy, hard to navigate, colors that don’t match or are hard on the eye, or full of errors, the website traffic will decrease make sure you have more and more formal color mostly white color and blue which suits to the eyes of the users.

3.Guest blog:-
The best way to increase a good traffic is to Offer to write a post on someone others site. Even better, have the post already written up,then let the blogger know you have a post ready to guest blog on their site.When you write your guest blog post, find a post on your own blog that’s related and link to in your guest blog post. A link for you on their blog, and more ability to increase site traffic. engine optimization:-
The most important and best easy and best used way to increase free traffic at  a big level is seo,which incraeses your traffic on regular basis and sign up for seo's.or webmasters like google,bing,baidu etc which will help in increasing your traffic constantly and free.

5. Increase Backlinking:-
To increase traffic and more and more impressions comment on other website and get more and more backlinks but remember your comments should be related to topic of that website.

6.Make use of youtube:-
Make an acoount on youtube and then on your profile where you can list your website address,list your website's link there,then start uploading videos.when people will see your profile,can open your website. website linking:-
Make use of the social sites like, facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, reddit, newsvine etc and submit your link on these websites it will help in getting more and more traffic.


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  3. I agree with everything! Especially with the first tip! CONTENT is KING! You should make relevant and credible content in your blog or website to make visitors or your potential and existing customers aware that you exist and is active online.

    Adeline Lee