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Top 5 Google Adsense Approval Dirty Tricks

Hi Visitors you know Google earns $761.71 in one second and its annual revenue is near $23,800,000,000. It simply provides ads which is only put on website or blog and its pay when any one click on its ads.But its hard to get Adsense account because google conditions are very tough.According to these conditions you should have a top level domain,domain is 6 month old and website should completely developed and contain original material.But if you want Google Adsense account in under 1 day or in 6 hours by legal and genuine way then you are in right place. I will mentioned here few steps one by one you can choose any one that you want and can easily get your Adsense account.

Method 1:

  • DOCSTOC go here and click on register.

docstoc home page

  • Fill your detail here and click on complete registration

docstoc signup

  • After that it will ask you about google adsense account.
  • Click on “I would like to set up an account ” and fill all detail.
doc cash
  • Finally it will send instructions in your mail you just follow instruction and you will get Adsense account in 6 hours or in 24 hours.

Method 2:

This is also one of the best method to get adsense account.This method has been mentioned probably 100 times, but i will be using a twist to make this work.

1. Make a new gmail account.

2. Now go to Ezine Articles site or any article site you want and then choose a niche (make sure it’s popular).

3. Go to and register a new blog ‘make sure a title and domain name you choosing is related to your niche’ and select your theme.

4. After that copy 5 articles related to your niche and paste in to your blog one by one in the form of post.

5. Make sure Articles are well formatted and have space between paragraphs.

6. Most people go to and signup, but the twist is to signup directly from blogger. Once you have about 5 well formatted articles then you should see “Monetize” in the tabs section.

7. Click signup for adsense.

8. You will have 4 options now, choose the 1st one which is “Display ads in my sidebar and posts”, so when you fill up the form you will see Adsense advertisements right away.

9. Fill in the required detail, correct and genuine detail.

10. My favorite, wait about a day or two (usually less than 12 hours) and you will get approved.


Method 3:

  1. Go to Bukisa and register for new member.
  2. Confirm your email to complete your register.
  3. Download one or some free e-Book from any search engine, like example use Google.
  4. You can use some topic based from your interest like Money Online or anything.
  5. Now copy and paste those articles from that e-Book to Bukisa.
  6. Submit minimal three contents, and wait until they accepted.
  7. Some time the site is in heavy job and approve the articles after 2 days.
  8. Soon you will get Bukisa mails that inform your articles have approved.
  9. After getting approved article apply for Google Adsense by this way.
  10. Bukisa may ask you if you already have Google Adsense Account and then tick no.
  11. Next, enter your e-Mail Id that you have given at the time of bukisa sign up.
  12. Last, you will get a link in your e-mail and that is for your Google Adsense.
  13. Fill it and be sure that the info you will give to them must match with Bukisa.
  14. And done, You will get email from Google Adsense that your account is approved.

Method 4:

Follow the below mentioned steps and you will get Adsense approval in just 2 days.

  1. Go to Flixya
  2. Register and complete ten contents.
  3. It may be photo, blog, article, and video.
  4. After that once you make your current account with this site you will get a fresh form in the second step, the Google Adsense sign up form. Input your valid e-mail address to start a Adsense account. We prefer G-mail regarding far better results.
  5. After you sign up it gives you a publication Id and then after 1-2 days your account will be approved

Method 5:

Unless you have any videos or even PPT presentations to talk about for the above site next i've one more strategy to get you approval with Adsense in mere two days

  1. You all may be aware of Indyarocks, the 1st step is to go to Indyarocks and the first step should be to visit Indyarocks and apply for an account with them.
  2. Once you register, sign in to your current account plus check out earning link around the right sidebar inside your profile.
  3. Indyarocks is a channel associate with google adsense that makes it possible to to earn income with them by sharing and also generating blogs. And you must satisfy their following conditions for adsense approval. Note the below mention conditions of indyarocks to get full filed for adsense approval. Your own Profile should be at least 80% complete.
    • Your profile privacy should be set to everyone.
    • You have to publish as a minimum ten photos for your profile and also the privacy from the photos should be set to everyone.
    • You need to posting at least 2/3 blogs and also the articles needs to be unique and also the privacy from the blogs should be set to everyone.

Top 5 Best Alternatives To Google Adsense

All of you know that Google Adsense is the king of pay per click advertising . Adsense is quite profitable and beneficial for the bloggers as well as for the advertisers . But some bloggers and advertisers don’t like adsense , i don’t know why because i prefer it and recommend it to all of you . So far , Adsense has been the best earning source of my blog . Now lets go to our work , what i was telling that there some other advertising networks which are really good and can can be compared with google adsense . Now i am going to list the top 5 alternatives of google adsense which are very popular and demanded these days.


1] Adhitz :- Adgitize has been very popular among various publishers and bloggers as it is 100% legit and it accepts all type of publishers and bloggers . The minimum payout is 25$ which can be transferred through paypal and alertpay . I am personally using it .

[2] Adgitize :- Adgitize could be quite beneficial for the small bloggers as well as for the big publishers . You can earn through adgitize by placing their ads on your blog and you will be also paid for publishing posts in your blog . In order to earn by posting articles on your blog , you have to submit your blog’s rss feed url to adgitize . The minimum payout amount is 10$ and you will be automatically paid once you reach your minimum payout . I think it could an amazing earning source for the small bloggers .

[3] Smowtion :- It is one of the most popular advertising network on the internet . It is very popular because of its compatibility of ads with other networks like adsense and text link ads . It is mainly focused on eCPM and PPC . The eCPM rates are quite higher as compared to the other adsense alternatives and it approves all kind of blogs . The minimum payout is 10$ .

[4] Clicksor :- Clicksor is a part of yesup advertising solution which is very popular these days . Although it doesn’t have much advertisers , it really have a very high click through rate (CTR) . The minimum payout is 50$ but i think that it will not take much time to reach the minimum payout because of its high CTR rate .

[5] Adclickmedia :- Adclickmedia is a new advertising solution but it has become a very popular advertising solution in a short period of time . It is a division of multiple stream media which is a very popular online company . It seemed to be very legit and the minimum payout is 50$ .

The Ways To Make Money Online

My mind is always full of questions, sometimes stupid, some times silly and some times really good questions. One question I always had in mind was – which is the most difficult ways to make money online? I don’t think any way to make money online is difficult. With time even the most difficult ways to make money online become easy.

I thought of asking the above question to few of my friends and they told me a few ways they use to earn money online, but find it very difficult! Here are these few ways:


1. Affiliate Marketing

This is so far the most difficult way to earn money online many of my friends said. This is because it not only requires you to get traffic, but also you need to convert that traffic into dollars. With Adsense you just have to write, drive visitors and let the visitors go after clicking on your advertisements, but with affiliate marketing, you have to convince the visitors to actually buy the product you are promoting. Thus getting visitors isn’t enough. Another reason why many of my friends didn’t like affiliate marketing is because it requires you to do a lot more things than other ways. Also it involves more investment.

2. Guest Blogging!

When a few of my friends considered guest blogging as a difficult way to make money online, I was like, Damn! If guest blogging is difficult, what’s more easy? I don’t think guest blogging is difficult at all! Its easy way to make money online at least if compared to other ways like affiliate marketing and over all SEO. The only difficulty period in a guest bloggers life is when his writing is bad, he is lazy or if he finds it difficult to get a client. Other than that guest blogging is really easy in my opinion.

3. Adsense?!!!

Another batch of people I asked this question considered Adsense as the most difficult way to make money online. Not because they couldn’t get traffic or some thing like that, but because they couldn’t protect their account from click bombers and prevent an account ban! If you are an Adsense publisher, you might have witnessed several stories of people whose accounts were banned. Though more than 50% of them deserved bans, but the rest 50% may be innocent who fell prey to click bombing by their competitors or simply some evil minded people!

4. Survey and paid to click sites

Earning from surveys and PTC sites is the most difficult way to make money online, I agree! They simply don’t work the way we want them to or we expect them to! For example, you fill 10 surveys fox XYZ survey site and after a few weeks during payout, you come to know that the site was scam! How was that? No one can predict the future of surveying. For example, you can check out the latest survey scam, Speak Asia. Also they pay very very less! Survey sites may prove to be a good earner, but PTC sites pay less than a cent per click! So in order to earn one dollar, you may even have to wait for a week or more! Further they have a set of rules which don’t allow you to click more than a certain number of times!

So, which of the above ways to make money online do you find difficult? Do let us know! J

List of Money-Making Websites

Money Making Websites

In order to make money online, the first thing that you need to do is to search for opportunities in the internet that will let you earn cash. For some people, this is not an easy task. You might end up with a scam site and waste your time and energy. Here is a short list of websites which are 100% legit and guaranteed to pay you based on your rendered work.

  1. - Contributors or Guides are well-paid at a minimum of $500 per month. If you are an expert in a specific topic and you have a background in journalism, you can send your application plus writing portfolio in their website to be evaluated.
  2. - Offer your consultancy services to augment your income. You have to be an expert in a particular field to venture in this online-career. You can be a marriage counselor, or a technical support, etc. It all depends on your skills and qualifications. Clients will call you and you will charge them per minute or per hour.
  3. - Be a Guide and get paid $5 to $20 per hour. This part-time or full-time job is perfect for you if you are a brainiac or a certified Einstein. You will be answering questions from searchers and your responses must be accurate and fast.
  4. - Graphics artists and web designers should take this opportunity not only to earn money but to have plenty of exposure as well. As a designer, you can customize mugs, t-shirts, bags, etc. Since this website is generating tons of daily visitors, it can be a very promising opportunity to meet big-time clients.
  5. / / - These freelancing sites are primarily beneficial for independent contractors and freelancers who are looking for a permanent job. Online employers are looking for writers, bloggers, digital graphics artist, and many more.
  6. - Most work opportunities that you are going to get from this site are similar to the ones that you can find from freelancing sites. The difference is that you will have to pass an extremely tough exam before you can start working.
  7. - Write about the things that interest you. It can be about your passion in cooking or movies, literally anything will do. Just make sure your article is readable and with good English grammar, submit it, and if the editors and admin liked it, they will pay you from $3 to $20 per write-up.

When choosing a website to earn money, make sure to read reviews from other users first. This is especially helpful if this is the first time that you've ever heard of the company. Always keep in mind that there are plenty of scammers in the internet and the only way to get away from them is to research for the profile and background of the site that is in question.

Make Money Check is designed to give you honest reviews straight from the mouth of people who have tried and made money online themselves. Every single post aims to give you insight about the proven methods and techniques to earn online.