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Easier and Faster to Edit Blogger Favicon

Hi, friends! Did you know? Blogger have a new feature. What is that? Favicon Editor! Yes.. the function is for Easier and Faster to Edit Blogger Favicon.

wowden favicon

I think it's very nice feature. We just need little steps to edit our blog favicon. But, where is Favicon Editor place?

You can find on Design –> Add a Gadget.


Then, how to add the favicon? You just click "Edit" on Favicon menu. The, you can upload you favicon file (a file with .ico). Just share some tips, you can get a file with .ico in Firstly, upload you picture, and FaviconGenerator will be generate into .ico. So, we just waiting what is Blogger next update...

Submit To 1000+ Search Engines

Submit to many search engines can increase our blog traffic. Because our blog will be known by many search engines. And, do you know? About 60% our blog traffic, usually came from search engines. image

So, why we don't use search engine to get more traffic easily? Special for Full Blog Tricks readers, I will give you list of websites for search engine submission.

1. (submit to 40 search engines)
2. (submit to 40 search engines)
3. (submit to 300 search engines)
4. (submit to 600 search engines)
5. ( submit to 100 search engines)

Hopefully useful...

How to Make your Windows Start-up Faster

Does your Windows computer take really long to start-up?

Well, you are not alone with this problem but fortunately, with some minor tweaks, you can get your sluggish Windows to start much faster without re-installing Windows or adding any new hardware.

The logic is fairly simple. Your computer loads quite a few software programs and services during start-up (look at all the icons in your Windows System tray). If you can trim this list, your computer’s boot time will decrease.

I have been testing a free utility called Soluto and it helped reduce the start-up time of my Windows computer from 3.15 minutes to around 1.25 minutes. All this with a few easy clicks and without confusing the user with any technical jargon.



After you install Soluto, it sorts your start-up programs list into three categories:

  • No-brainer – remove these programs from start-up with giving a second thought.
  • Potentially removable – another list of start-up programs that may also be removed provided you know what these programs do.
  • Required – Certain programs and services are required to run Windows properly and therefore should not be removed.

Depending upon the software app, you may then either choose “Pause” to completely remove that app from the start-up queue or choose “Delay” when you want the app to run automatically but not immediately at start-up. Soluto will launch the “delayed” app once the boot up is over and your system is idle.

You can also hover the mouse over any program name and Soluto will display the number of seconds that the app adds to the start-up time. And don’t bother about making mistakes because Soluto has a useful “Undo all” feature that will restore the start-up list to the original state with a click.


Once you are done classifying your start-up programs list, reboot the computer and you should notice a difference between the start-up time.

Where to download Soluto?

The official site for Soluto is but in order to download the program, you should head over to

Alternatives to Soluto

If you are tech-savvy, you can also use a utility like Sysinternals Autoruns to manually prevent all the non-essential Windows processes and programs from running at start-up.

Just uncheck all the Autorun entries and Services that you don’t wish to load at startup and reboot your system. You’ll however need a separate program to get the “delay” feature which is so handy in Solute.


Top 5 Google Adsense Approval Dirty Tricks

Hi Visitors you know Google earns $761.71 in one second and its annual revenue is near $23,800,000,000. It simply provides ads which is only put on website or blog and its pay when any one click on its ads.But its hard to get Adsense account because google conditions are very tough.According to these conditions you should have a top level domain,domain is 6 month old and website should completely developed and contain original material.But if you want Google Adsense account in under 1 day or in 6 hours by legal and genuine way then you are in right place. I will mentioned here few steps one by one you can choose any one that you want and can easily get your Adsense account.

Method 1:

  • DOCSTOC go here and click on register.

docstoc home page

  • Fill your detail here and click on complete registration

docstoc signup

  • After that it will ask you about google adsense account.
  • Click on “I would like to set up an account ” and fill all detail.
doc cash
  • Finally it will send instructions in your mail you just follow instruction and you will get Adsense account in 6 hours or in 24 hours.

Method 2:

This is also one of the best method to get adsense account.This method has been mentioned probably 100 times, but i will be using a twist to make this work.

1. Make a new gmail account.

2. Now go to Ezine Articles site or any article site you want and then choose a niche (make sure it’s popular).

3. Go to and register a new blog ‘make sure a title and domain name you choosing is related to your niche’ and select your theme.

4. After that copy 5 articles related to your niche and paste in to your blog one by one in the form of post.

5. Make sure Articles are well formatted and have space between paragraphs.

6. Most people go to and signup, but the twist is to signup directly from blogger. Once you have about 5 well formatted articles then you should see “Monetize” in the tabs section.

7. Click signup for adsense.

8. You will have 4 options now, choose the 1st one which is “Display ads in my sidebar and posts”, so when you fill up the form you will see Adsense advertisements right away.

9. Fill in the required detail, correct and genuine detail.

10. My favorite, wait about a day or two (usually less than 12 hours) and you will get approved.


Method 3:

  1. Go to Bukisa and register for new member.
  2. Confirm your email to complete your register.
  3. Download one or some free e-Book from any search engine, like example use Google.
  4. You can use some topic based from your interest like Money Online or anything.
  5. Now copy and paste those articles from that e-Book to Bukisa.
  6. Submit minimal three contents, and wait until they accepted.
  7. Some time the site is in heavy job and approve the articles after 2 days.
  8. Soon you will get Bukisa mails that inform your articles have approved.
  9. After getting approved article apply for Google Adsense by this way.
  10. Bukisa may ask you if you already have Google Adsense Account and then tick no.
  11. Next, enter your e-Mail Id that you have given at the time of bukisa sign up.
  12. Last, you will get a link in your e-mail and that is for your Google Adsense.
  13. Fill it and be sure that the info you will give to them must match with Bukisa.
  14. And done, You will get email from Google Adsense that your account is approved.

Method 4:

Follow the below mentioned steps and you will get Adsense approval in just 2 days.

  1. Go to Flixya
  2. Register and complete ten contents.
  3. It may be photo, blog, article, and video.
  4. After that once you make your current account with this site you will get a fresh form in the second step, the Google Adsense sign up form. Input your valid e-mail address to start a Adsense account. We prefer G-mail regarding far better results.
  5. After you sign up it gives you a publication Id and then after 1-2 days your account will be approved

Method 5:

Unless you have any videos or even PPT presentations to talk about for the above site next i've one more strategy to get you approval with Adsense in mere two days

  1. You all may be aware of Indyarocks, the 1st step is to go to Indyarocks and the first step should be to visit Indyarocks and apply for an account with them.
  2. Once you register, sign in to your current account plus check out earning link around the right sidebar inside your profile.
  3. Indyarocks is a channel associate with google adsense that makes it possible to to earn income with them by sharing and also generating blogs. And you must satisfy their following conditions for adsense approval. Note the below mention conditions of indyarocks to get full filed for adsense approval. Your own Profile should be at least 80% complete.
    • Your profile privacy should be set to everyone.
    • You have to publish as a minimum ten photos for your profile and also the privacy from the photos should be set to everyone.
    • You need to posting at least 2/3 blogs and also the articles needs to be unique and also the privacy from the blogs should be set to everyone.

Top Educational Websites in India

Education forms an integral part in developing an individual's character. Though the need of education varies from age to age as during the growing years of a child he needs proper formal education where by gains he knowledge on subjects related to mathematics, language and drawing.

These are the subjects which forms the basis for higher education. While we talk of higher educations its imperative to note that in the last few years degrees from reputed universities has been top priority for many students all over the world.

In this respect, its important to note that, there are many online sites offering detailed information on Best Education Sites.
There are information related to Best Education Sites of U.S. Best Education Sites gives you detailed information on some of the important sites devoted exclusively in providing latest information on education programmes, university degrees and curriculum of different colleges around the world.

Best Education Sites

Discovery Education Streaming-- This particular site is solely devoted in providing information on home school education. Better known as 'United Streaming' in internet circles, it provides ready to use tools and resources which can be used by parents while they teach toddlers. To understand things better, for children there are slide shows and integrated videos which you can easily download in your PC's.

Scholastic- Its been a decade that this particular site has been offering in depth information on education.What makes this site more interesting to the parents is the fact they provide unique educational tools whereby children can play variety of games, learn about the best books, while at the same time they can gain easy access to special videos which can be easily downloaded.

I Know That--If you're looking forward to enhance your child's general knowledge then this site would come handy for you as the site deals with interesting facts on vivid general topics. Also there are pages exclusively devoted to games. There are essays on different subject matters so as to enhance the social in-depth ability of the child. Furthermore, there are information on higher education related to the accreditation of universities, degrees offered by these universities and their syllabus.

Room 108- This site particularly deals with educational games which provide detailed information on teaching concepts. The site offers interesting user interface tools where children can indulge in creation and printing of alphabet with the help of tracing worksheets, also there are varied scopes whereby you can create word searches so as to increase vocabulary skills, maths worksheets and even drawings. They also provide information on higher studies related to application procedures in top universities of U.S. Britannica is the guide which allows children to have knowledge in the areas like History & Society,Arts & Entertainment, Travel & Geography, Science & Technology and much more.Check out the site for more knowledge. This site gives information on latest entrance exams of engineering,medical, jobs and other fields.Also it gives information on universities, colleges,schools that can help in making your career.Browse the site for more.

Enchanted Learning- If you're looking for some interactive based learning tools then Enchanted Learning is your answer. The site also covers information pertaining to entrance examinations like SAT, TOEFL. Some of the major features of this site include--Picture Dictionary,Coloring Pages,Games,Printouts to Supplement Lesson Plans and Interactive Learning Activities. It is also one of the best Education Sites of U.K. This site has presentations related to different subjects like Maths, General Knowledge, Science, Plants, Human Body, Earth, Animals, Birds, Nutrition etc. Also this site has a special section for FACTS, MMG School Science etc. Check this site out for more details. This site has details about Universities, Research Center, Colleges, Courses, Events, Financial Aid and other education related information is there on this site. Check this site for more information. The site provides knowledge on many topics like Science, Social Studies, English, Maths, Engineering, Health and Arts and Music along with videos in order to increase the understanding.Browse the site for more information. Are you on lookout for a wide range of educational tools for different age -groups, then you can take recourse to! This site provides learning tools from pre-school age to high school. You also have easy access to learn foreign language through this site. This site provides study material in the form of CDs for CBSE,ICSE and other state boards.One can ask a question also from this website.Study Online, get books etc. can be found on this site. This site comes handy for those people who wants to have information in the fields like IIITs, Management, Engineering,Medical, Law, Science, Agriculture and many more categories.